Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PACKING on a Budget?

Do you dread the tedious and time-consuming packing process but don't want the extra expense of a full service moving company to help?

You may want to consider hiring a local moving labor company (where the movers come out without the truck and do the packing, loading or unloading when the customer supplies the rental truck) to handle the packing and loading/unloading of your rental truck. Do your research and check for insurance and professional experience with the company before you hire them. Using local moving labor may save you up to 40% or more on your packing service.

Typically small, medium and large moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, furniture pads, tie-downs, shrink wrap, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and more are available at discounted prices.

Iowa Moving 1... A local, insured moving labor company
Serving Des Moines, Waukee, Ames and Central Iowa

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Customer Review of Iowa Moving 1--Another Satisfied Customer!!

We love our moving customers and our customers love us! Below is a letter received from a past Iowa Moving 1 customer in Ankeny, Iowa. We loaded two moving trucks for this customer. Our low cost moving labor solution saved this customer hundreds of dollars.


"Eric, just wanted to wish you, as well as Ed, Mike, and Chuck, the happiest of holidays.

Ed, Mike, and Chuck did such a wonderful job on our move from Ankeny, Iowa. We had them load 2- 26 foot rental trucks with thousands of dollars worth of furniture and they did so expeditiously, carefully, and without one broken or scratched item in the entire move!

Thank you for recommending the use of additional padding. I spent quite a bit of my furniture, some heirloom antiques and some custom made. One thing I did not want to happen was to have it damaged in any way on the eight hour drive to our new home. The insight and experience of your movers in using the shrink wrap and the quilted moving pads and their expertise in packing the truck was worth every cent that I paid for your service. Mike, Ed, and Chuck worked tirelessly to get the 2 rental trucks loaded, packing my things like a puzzle, to assure that nothing moved on our over the road haul to Indiana. I watched them work in unison, with wonderful attitudes, to complete the job. I do hope the men used their gratuity to enjoy a nice dinner or a massage, as they certainly deserved it. One bedroom set that I had was custom made quarter sawn hickory. Not once did I hear a complaint that something was too difficult, or too heavy, or that they needed to sit down and rest. In fact, I had to demand that they stop to eat some pizza during their time loading my belongings from a 4 bedroom home. I can not say enough about the fine work ethic, genuine caring, and kindness of Ed, Mike and Chuck. What great employees you have! Having them load the rental trucks, driving them ourselves, and then getting unloading help in Indiana saved us quite a bit over a full service moving company, and I am sure that my belongings were safer and cared for better in the hands of your guys.

Please pass my deepest thanks on to Mike, Chuck and to Ed for their wonderful work!"

Thank you again!


Iowa Moving 1, LLC

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Moving Tips

Now that the snow and winter weather has arrived, it's time to share a few moving tips for this season.

*Please ensure that driveways, sidewalks, front steps, etc are cleared of snow and ice BEFORE your movers arrive. This will aid in the safety of the movers and the customer's belongings. With a clear walkway, the movers can also move more efficiently which saves on how long the job lasts and saves you money.

*Consider "Carpet Protection Film". For only $15 per 100 sq ft roll, Iowa Moving 1 will bring out and apply this carpet protector. This will dramatically reduce the amount of snow, ice, and dirt that will get tracked into your home.

*Book your move a few weeks in advance if possible in order to ensure that you will be able to reserve a date with your preferred move. The winter time is not a time to have to move yourself or hire a moving company that is unreliable and not careful.

*Drive the rental truck slower depending on road conditions...Don't be in a rush

*Carry shovels, ice melt and sand during your drive to your new location...just in case. Also, always have extra gloves, hats, and winter clothes on hand.

*Choose a reputable moving service, such as Iowa Moving 1, LLC to take extra care of you and your belongings.

Iowa Moving 1, LLC

Locations served: Waukee Iowa, West Des Moines Iowa, Ankeny Iowa, Des Moines Iowa,
Urbandale Iowa, Clive Iowa, and Surrounding Central Iowa.

Hours of Operation: 7am to 9pm 7 days/week

Phone: 515-975-2840



Friday, October 30, 2009

FAQ (Frequenty Asked Questions) of Iowa Moving 1

Question: What days and times are you open?
Answer: Iowa Moving 1 is open 7 days/week from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Central time.

Question: How much advance notice do I need to give before I book my move?
Answer: 2 weeks notice is preferred, but most moves can be accommodated with 1 week notice. We also do moves with only a few days notice but an extra fee may occur if you schedule your move with less than 48 hours notice ($30 one-time charge).

Question: Should I tip my movers?
Answer: Tips are common and are very much appreciated by your movers. Movers provide a service much like restaurants, taxi cab drivers, and others who commonly get tips for good service. If your movers do a good job, please feel free to reward them with a tip. Any tip payments should be paid separately to the individual movers outside of the regular bill.

Question: Do you charge higher rates on weekends?
Answer: No, same rates 7 days per week.

Question: Is packing service available?
Answer: Yes, our skilled, experienced packers can help pack boxes, kitchen, etc. The customer is responsible for providing the boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap (if necessary).

Question: What about small moves or in-house furniture rearranging?
Answer: Check out our "mini moves" program. For a flat fee we come out to your location and move between 1 to 5 items at one low rate. Note: we do not provide/drive the truck.

Question: Does Iowa Moving 1 provide the rental truck?
Answer: No, it is the customer's responsibility to provide and drive the rental truck.

Question: Are there items that Iowa Moving 1 doesn't move?
Answer: We don't currently move baby grand pianos, grand pianos, large upright pianos (small upright pianos are okay), hot tubs, safes, guns, flammable items, tanning beds, arcade games, items over 200 lbs without prior approval.

Question: What about assembly/disassembly of items?
Answer: We will provide basic, simple assembly/disassembly of household items as long as the customer provides the appropriate tools for the job and all liability for any damage to the item is released. Complex or fragile item assembly/disassembly should be provided by the customer.

Question: Do you disconnect or connect appliance?
Answer: No, for liability reasons, our insurance does not allow us to connect or disconnect washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, etc. We can move these items as long as the customer has disconnected the appliances ahead of time.

Question: When does the time start/stop in relation to labor charges?
Answer: The clock starts upon arrival at the first job site and continues running until the job ends at the last job location. Travel time in between starting and ending job site is charged at the normal hourly rate. Note: Any breaks/lunch at the request of the workers are not charged, however breaks at the request of the client are charged.

Question: Can I help the movers in order to save time/money?
Answer: We prefer that the customer lets our movers handle all of the loading and unloading as we have a certain way that we like to have things loaded. If the customer feels that it is necessary to help, it is advised that the customer completes their own packing or places their boxes in the garage to facilitate the move.

Question: Are the movers provided insured and bonded?
Answer: Yes, our experienced movers are insured and bonded for your safety and peace of mind.

Question: What forms of payment are accepted?
Answer: Payment is due upon completion of the move. Cash or local checks (must provide drivers license # and Date of birth on check). are accepted. No out-of-state checks are accepted. All returned checks are subject to a $50 additional fee.

Question: Is there a cancellation or reschedule fee?
Answer: For any moves booked that are rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice or moves that are cancelled at any time, in both circumstances a $30 fee will be assessed.

Question: What supplies are needed to protect my items in the truck?
Answer: Iowa Moving 1 highly recommends the use of quality, quilted furniture blankets (pads), 12 ft long ratchet tie-downs, bungee cords, stretch wrap, and tape or moving bands to secure the furniture pads to your items.

Question: How many furniture pads are needed?
Answer: A good rule of thumb is around 24 to 30 pads for a 16 ft truck or POD or about 36 to 48 pads for a 26 ft truck/ABF Trailer. This is a rough estimate and your situation could require more or less depending on the amount of wood items that you have and the exact size of the pads. Note: Iowa Moving 1 does sell and rent furniture pads, ratchet tie-downs, tape, and stretch wrap. Ask about our popular protection plan.

Question: Do the movers bring out dolly carts?
Answer: Yes, a dolly cart is brought out to each job to be used free of charge.

Question: Do I receive a receipt for services?
Answer: Yes, receipts are available upon completion of the move. The movers will issue a receipt after payment is received.

Question: Do you move televisions?
Answer: Any lcd, plasma, or DLP TVs must be packed in the original carton with the original Styrofoam/packing material, or in a special manufactured TV box or wooden TV crate provided by the customer. If customer does not provide this, customer agrees to release Iowa Moving 1 from all liability/damages for the TV. It is advised that customer moves their own TV, if possible.

Question: What areas you do you serve? Are you locally based?
Answer: Iowa Moving 1, LLC is locally based out of Waukee, Iowa and serves the entire Des Moines Metro and surrounding Central Iowa communities. A majority of our moves are in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Urbandale, Johnston, Ankeny, and Waukee.

Question: How much does the moving labor cost?
Answer: We offer very affordable rates at up to 40% off of national full service moving companies. As all moving situations are different (location, size, number of stairs, distance to the truck, etc), please fill out a customer contact form on our website for a free estimate or call for further details. We offer flat fee rental truck loading or unloading as well as moves using hourly rates.

Contact Info:
Iowa Moving 1, LLC
phone: 515-975-2840 (open until 9pm daily)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Protecting Furniture on the Moving Truck

Moving soon? Got furniture pads?

If you are moving, this is a must have! Furniture pads (also known as furniture blankets) can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage to your belongings. Professional movers wrap your items, especially wood items, in furniture pads to protect from dings, scratches, etc while the items are transported in the moving truck. Stretch wrap, tape, or moving bands are typically used to secure the pads to the items. Thicker, quilted fabric pads protect better than the thin "skins" or paper pads that some companies use.

How many pads do I need?
It really varies on the specific items and amount of wood items that you have, but a good rule of thumb would be around 24 to 30 pads for a 16 ft rental truck or POD. For a 26 ft truck, usually between 36 to 48 pads are sufficient. Most rental truck agencies or movers rent furniture pads.

Other protective items:
* Stretch wrap to add an extra layer of protection, to keep dresser drawers from falling out, protect from dust and moisture

* Ratchet tie-downs: Straps to secure items in the truck from shifting and damage. Recommend at least 12 ft in length. Typically use around 4 ratchets for a 16 ft truck up to 8 ratchets for a 26 ft truck

* Bungee cords: Good to use to secure lighter/awkward items to the wall of the truck

* Tape to secure furniture pads to your items

Looking for moving supplies in the Des Moines area? Iowa Moving 1, a moving labor company who provides rental truck loading/unloading, packing, and more sells these supplies and uses these items on the moves that we perform.

Iowa Moving 1, LLC
Open 7 days/week until 9pm

Hiring Moving Labor Can Save You $

Looking to Save Money on Moving?

Have you considered hiring moving labor instead of full service movers?

By renting the moving rental truck (uhaul, penske, ryder, budget, abf trailer, pods, etc) yourself for a nominal cost and then hiring moving labor to help load and/or unload the rental truck or storage unit, this can result in significant cost savings. Since the moving labor company doesn't have the fixed costs of the truck, they can pass their savings on to the customer with low hourly rates (up to 40% off full service national moving company rates).

It is also important to find a moving labor service that is reputable, insured, and has professional movers that are experienced and have many references.

Some times the moving labor company also provides packing services as well if this is something that you desire. Small moves such as in-house furniture moves are also typically offered by the moving helpers.

If you are looking for a reputable, insured, moving labor company in the Des Moines, Iowa area, please consider "Iowa Moving 1, LLC".


phone: 515-975-2840 (open until 9pm 7/days per week)

Areas served: Des Moines Iowa, Ankeny Iowa, Johnston Iowa, Urbandale Iowa, Clive Iowa, West Des Moines Iowa, Ames Iowa, Norwalk Iowa, Indianola Iowa, Altoona Iowa, Grimes Iowa, Winterset Iowa, and all of Central Iowa.